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'Augmented Reality - Rock Paper Scissor with T-post Magazine'

2010-03-09 17:17:54
With the print industry going bust and the online world reaching the point of saturation, new publications really have to push to stand out in the crowd. Magazines and newspapers are trying all sorts of things to get the attention of the reading public, but a company called T-Post has devised something completely original. Every six weeks a T-Post subscriber gets a package in the mail....

'The Dial Brings a Fashion Edge to Cell Phone Technology'

2010-01-06 10:38:48
While Google and Apple are racing to create phones with the most apps and fastest internet speeds, none of the technology giants are thinking outside the design box when it comes to the form of a phone. Luckily, there are designer slike Jung Dae Hoon to fill the void. Hoon, a young designer with ties to Samsung and LG, has designed The Dial - a cell phone worn like a stylish bangle. You...

'The Nintendo Lovers Coffee Table'

2009-01-27 13:48:13

'The Bathroom of the Future... Today'

2008-11-26 16:46:54

'Hose Lamp'

2008-11-26 17:07:22

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