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Home Living Lounge Chairs

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Alessia $1,350.00
Ange $1,400.00
Angelo $1,350.00
Antigua $1,200.00
Bilbao $1,250.00
Celestial $1,500.00
Cipriano $1,350.00
Claus $1,550.00
Cleo $1,400.00
Contessa $1,550.00
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Lounge chairs, chaise lounges and office chairs

The years seem to go by at a frightening pace but the enduring designs of Van der Rohe, Nelson and Gray are as fresh today as they were when first created. This is particularly true of their signature lounge chairs, chaise lounges, Bedroom Chaise Lounges and office chairs that grace our collection of modern seating options. When it comes to the very best in lounge chairs, chaise lounges and office chairs, look no further than LOUNGE CHAIRS AND CHAISE LONGUES

In stark contrast to traditional furnishings, modern lounge chairs, chaise lounges, Bedroom Chaise Lounges and office chairs come in an almost endless array of innovative designs and styles. Here are some basic tips when shopping for lounge chairs:

  • Even the most famous pieces, such as the Barcelona chair, Eames chair or Marshmallow sofa come in a range of colors and fabrics.Be sure to ask for the color and fabric options before you order.
  • While most modern lounge chairs, chaise lounges,leather office chairs and bedroom chaise lounge chairs go well with one another,you may want to go with designs from a specific designer, too, such as Le Corbusier or Eileen Gray.
  • Many pieces are interchangeable in the spaces you have available. For example, a Bedroom Chaise Lounge may also work well in a living room as a lounge chair or chaise lounge. Function over form is the mantra here.Often you can disregard the category assigned to an actual piece of furniture you like and go with your instincts.

When selecting lounge chairs and other seating for your home,experiment with shapes as well as textures and colors.The crisp design of modern chaise lounges and other furnishings encourages exploration of new ideas in interior design.