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KMP Furniture - Modern Furniture

Home Living Leather and Fabric Sofas

KMP Furniture is pleased to offer a vast selection of modern sectionals and contemporary sofas. Modern sectional styles are perfect in any room for an attractive invitation to a relaxing moment. Choose from a variety of styles and quality materials when shopping for fabric and leather sofas.

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Athens $3,400.00
Azur $3,100.00
Baptiste $3,100.00
Bella $4,200.00
Bradford $4,500.00
Cassis $3,100.00
Clement $2,800.00
Cole Sofa $2,350.00
Concetto Sofa $2,950.00
Ethan Sofa $4,095.00
Evans $3,100.00
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Stylish sofas for today's home

You find all the living room furniture you need for less.

A Sofa clearly reflects your sense of style, personal taste and is perfectly scaled to the space you have so it doesnít overwhelm or underwhelm, congratulations! Youíve managed to pull off a modern miracle. Perhaps no other piece of furniture defines a living area as much as a sofa. Itís one of the first things guests see as they enter your home. Modern Sofa Sets - Living Room Sets - Living room furniture Sofas.