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Sirpa Stool

Item# CH9101
Know the trick where you hold a mirror at a 90-degree angle to your face and see that you really look like two very different people? Thats because one side of your face isnt a mirror image of the other. We dare you to do the same with this stool. Far more perfect than our own stunningly handsome (or beautiful) selves, this finely crafted stool offers two matching rosewood veneer plywood forms that meet elegantly in the middle to create a leaf-like seat. The solid brass fittings not only add charm to the stool, but strength as well so you can rest assured youll never end up unexpectedly doing the splits.

Item# CH9101

-Veneer on plywood -Solid brass fittings

Size: w 16.5 x d 12 x h 15.5
Selected Color:
Plywood - Natural
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