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Brescia Floor Lamp

Item# CF606
Bring the dreamy, magical world of the ocean into your living room with the Brescia Floor Lamp. Ethereal and delicate, our accent light is inspired by Verner Pantonâs lamps from the 1960s. Handcrafted with natural, hand-cut mother of pearl discs, they make wonderful musical sounds like a subtle wind chime when gently blown or touched. Hung onto a shiny, polished stainless steel frame, the discs cascade down to create a sculptural design that reminds you of underwater rays of sunlight. Produce a special touch to any room with this floor lamp, which comes with a footswitch for ease of use. Mermaid not included. Made in U.S.A.

Item# CF606

-Hand-cut natural mother of pearl discs; UL listed; On/ Off footswitch included. Polished stainless steel frame.

Size: 17.7 x H47.2
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