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'The Coolest Mobile Homes You have Ever Seen'

2015-08-24 13:34:53
When it comes to humble living accommodations, mobile homes are among the humblest. The modern incarnation of mobile living took off after WWII to accommodate returning soldiers and the baby boom. Today mobile home communities "also known as trailer parks" are generally considered undesirable and relegated to low-income sectors of the population. However, innovations in architecture...

'Will An Award-Winning Carafe Get Londoners Off The Bottle?'

2009-01-02 13:01:00

'Calvin Klein Creates a Christmas Dollhouse'

2008-12-29 11:47:14

'Election Style 2008'

2008-11-26 17:05:39

'Thinking Small - the Tiny House Trend'

2008-12-10 01:27:48
Since 1970, the average size of the American home has grown by 50% -- a trend exemplified by the so-called "McMansions" seen sprouting up in suburbs across the country.   The more money people made, the bigger their houses grew, until this trend even spawned a counter-trend, in the form of Sarah Susanka's 1998 book on living smaller called "The Not So Big House."  With...

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