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'Wood Free Wood Floors'

2009-01-22 17:19:28
If you're trolling the web for the latest offerings in eco-friendly flooring, we've uncovered something completely new.  It looks kind of like a three year old dumped the biggest box of wooden blocks in the world on the ground, then assembled them together in a jumble of shapes and shades.  It might have to be a supernaturally gifted three year old, as the blocks fit together...

'Little Boxes- Big Impact - A Brief Lowdown on Modular Homes'

2009-01-22 17:12:48
According to Wikipedia, modular homes are houses that are divided into multiple modules or sections, which are manufactured in a remote facility, and then delivered to their intended site of use.  This sounds nice, but not particularly cool.  However, if you pick up a design magazine like Dwell or Urbis, you're practically guaranteed to find some nugget about modular home...

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