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The Ultimate Luxury - A Non-Private Bathroom

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The Ultimate Luxury: A Non-Private Bathroom

For most of us, the bathroom is just about as private as a space can be. If the room does contain windows, they are generally placed so as to block any direct views inside or outside; And if you in there was someone else... chances are you know that person quite well. But when you are building a bathroom with the highest luxuries all bets are off. These days the ultimate in bathroom design just might be an exhibitionists dream.

One beautiful example of this is the Southern Ocean Lodge - located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Designed by architect Max Pritchard, the lodge was built near the edge of 120-meter cliffs, which provide sweeping views of the ocean and the nearby wild bush. The builders of the lodge did their best to make guests feel as though they've simply been dropped into the undisturbed wilds of Australia (and the wilds happened to have a world-class restaurant and full-service spa). The location is so remote that there are no public works or utilites. Water is obtained from rain collection and electricity is generated onsite. Because of the remoteness, each suite can feature a gorgeous modern bathroom with the tub or shower right next to a floor to ceiling window. 

Obviously, having a fully transparent wall of windows right next to the place where you wash your naughty bits means you're probably not located in the middle of the city - or even the suburbs. This design choices means you can afford one of the most enduring luxuries of all: SPACE. In these designs there are no human structures for miles around, which means the bather can enjoy the feeling of being outside au naturale.


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