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Modern furniture

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modern furniture

The word modern furniture refers to furniture produced from late 19th century to current simple geometric lines and basic forms of wood and metal replace the heavily carved wood skeletons with floral patterns. Pioneers in design such as Charles and Ray Eames were some of the first ever invented, the modern furniture phenomenon by using industrialized materials such as plywood, metal and plastic. Their interest in modern technologies and innovative techniques of manufacturing gave Charles and Ray Eames the ability to elevate furniture into art. Modern furniture are simplistic , elegant and practical . Their sculptural attributes can transform the spaces they are in. They enhance harmony and flow of space along with an undeniable ease of use and form. Intelligent shapes of modern furniture can definitely improve life quality ;.... functionally and practically. Continuing to progress and embrace new technologies and techniques in design will guide us safely... to our journey into the future....just like Charles and Ray Eames !
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