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There are many factors to consider when buying your bedroom set. Other than the obvious style or the choices between a platform or higher bed, important elements that are significant and cannot be overseen are few of the followings: -The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and the first thing noticed when entering a room. It is really important that the bed reflects the size of the bedroom. Make sure is not too large and not too small , since size will determine the aesthetics and proportions of the room. Take careful measurements and make sure the right size is selected for the area. -The shape of the bed is also a very important element. Thinner, elegant linens without too much side space is recommended for smaller spaces. Minimal designs well above the ground and thin wooden frame will give you the maximum use without cluttering the room. For larger rooms; more luscious upholstered beds is a better solution since you want to occupy as much as possible the empty walls and match the proportion of the space. Custom beds that are arced or circular could be an option . The circle is a strong shape when thinking of using circular elements therefore attention to the overall design needs to be carefully studied
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