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Creative Bookshelves Are Storage : Art

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Creative Bookshelves Are Storage : Art

When youíre keen on design every piece in your space counts. And if you have a limited space, every piece must sometimes count twice! A new trend in shelving solves this problem very well. Designers are giving the once utilitarian bookshelf new life by applying unexpected shapes and making shelving into art.

From slightly skewed to completely warped, modern bookcases are increasingly becoming more than just a place for books and knick knacks.

Designer Stanislav Katz uses MDF to create two unique designs. The Decay case recalls traditional shapes but places them in topsy-turvy configurations to create a modern piece of room décor. Katz has also created the console bookshelf, which combines shelving and seating in a vibrant black and hot pink color combo.

From India Mahdavi Furniture, the Reservoir Dog case has an abstracted canine shape and is made from wood. But the upgrade from MDF is a pricey one. This piece will set you back over $9,300.

The Wavy bookcase from Alivar design lends itself to minimalist design, with panels installed at an angle to differentiate the piece from an ordinary grid bookcase. Modules can be combined to suit larger spaces and joints are hidden, creating a elegant wall of storage space.

For those that like to pay homage to their locale, designer Markus Fischer brings you the city map bookcase. The piece was designed after the map of Braunschweig, Germany.

In a similar vein is the U.S.A. Bookcase - a one off piece designed by Rod Arad for Londonís Timothy Taylor art gallery. The case is spectacular to look at when empty or when chock full of books. Admittedly, however, the caseís storage space isnít very practical. But with design like this, who cares! Everything you want to read can be found on your phone or e-reader these days, anyhow.


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