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Marc Koehler Architects Natural Ability<br>-154 Marc Koehler Architects Natural Ability
A beautifully designed home or office adds style, charm, and intrigue, but also makes the space more efficient and functional. While some companies achieve good results, Marc Koehler Architects seek outstanding results.

Isay Weinfeld Triple Edged Sword<br>-152 Isay Weinfeld Triple Edged Sword
Isay Weinfeld - Born in São Paulo the largest city in Brazil, Isay Weinfeld would prove to be a triple edged sword for the world to admire.

Todd Oldham Spontaneous Creation<br>-149 Todd Oldham Spontaneous Creation
Todd Oldham is best known for his progressive design philosophy, spending the past 20 years designing both living spaces and products.

Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein reinvents formal design<br>-145 Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein reinvents formal design
Born in 1958 in Ascona, Swiss designer, Hannes Wettstein, is renowned for easy to use and quite formal design, which has catapulted his popularity both across Europe and internationally

Andreas Charalambous - FORMA Design<br>-144 Andreas Charalambous - FORMA Design
Andreas Charalambous, You Can Have It All - For most children the idea of growing up is deeply associated with a particular occupation. Many want to be a fire fighter, doctor or lawyer.

Hans Hopfer - Forever Young<br>-133 Hans Hopfer - Forever Young
Hans Hopfer - In todays world, one theme dominates most of the products available to consumers – modern. The desire for a modern home is gaining popularity throughout the world and designers are taking advantage. But there is also a need for functional products – something that will stand the test of time while providing comfort. Hans Hopfer Castell Seating, Hans Hopfer Forever Sofa, Mah Jong Sofa

A Signature of Modern Design-Vladimir Kagan<br>-124 A Signature of Modern Design-Vladimir Kagan
Vladimir Kagan is most handsome in appearance and art. The name Kagan is more than well known; this name is a signature of modern design. With a career greater than sixty years, Mr. Kagan’s ingenious style is a part of the American fabric. He began designing in the year 1946, and a few short years later his original sculptured designs fashioned a new look in American furniture.

Paola Novoe-Manipulating time<br>-121 Paola Novoe-Manipulating time
Paola navone - Italian Design- Born in 1952 in Balzona, the southern portion of Turin; this young girl learned that instead of Barbie, she preferred handcrafting her own dolls.

Suzanne Martinson designs for Miami<br>-115 Suzanne Martinson designs for Miami
Suzanne Martinson could be described as part of the “New Urbanism” movement, prevalent in Miami, Florida and ‘damaged districts’, such as New Orleans. She believes that building according to appropriate design standards can actually help cure wounded cities and towns while heading off further degradation of the countryside.

Jaime Hayon - A skateboarder turned designer<br>-101 Jaime Hayon - A skateboarder turned designer
Southern California, quirky skateboard culture seems like an unlikely place of inspiration for a budding designer. Especially one about to unleash startling design concepts on the world.

Figure in a box by Hariri and Hariri, New York<br>-81 Figure in a box by Hariri and Hariri, New York
Hariri and Hariri Architects one of the World's leadingarchitectural desrn firm, This pair of Iranian born sisters may very well have single-handedly designed Salzburg into the 21 century.

Philippe Starck an Icon in the trendy Miami scene<br>-61 Philippe Starck an Icon in the trendy Miami scene
It is almost a status symbol when you talk about designer Philippe Starck's new ventures - hotels, condominiums and even home furnishings in Miami extravagance. Eyebrows are raised and doors set open in the social circles of the beach, as soon as you say, I live in Icon.