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Solaris side table

Item# "1-KMP-ST-005-1"
We strive to produce high quality designs at affordable prices, giving everyone the opportunity to incorporate a bit of KMP Living pieces into their homes. This mid-20th century inspired table measures 23.75 inches in diameter and stands 22 inches high. It is available in a classic stainless finish or a brass colored stainless finish. The curved and straight lined legs make for an intriguing design contrast. Each leg gives the illusion of resting effortlessly against the others to form the base of the table. What better way to feature this side table's every line and curve than with a transparent glass table top? The Solaris side table is the perfect companion for your favorite chair or a stylish addition to any area of your home that needs a touch of KMP magic

Item# "1-KMP-ST-005-1"

Polished Stainless Steel, Brass Stainless Steel, Glass Top

Size: L 23 x W 23 x H 22
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