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Pala Side Table

Item# CT8306
When space is at a minimum, you can still add maximum space if you use a little innovation and have some chutzpah. Thats right. The meek of the world may inherit the earth but theyll be still using boring old metal folding chairs and tables invented at the turn of the century. When faced with a space shortage, why not go another route? This baby offers plenty of real estate plus a place to set drinks while guests visit. And when they leave, put it against a wall, at the foot of the bed or even stand it up on end and slot it somewhere completely out of the way. Now thats a brilliant concept in modern furniture that is functional and fun.

Item# CT8306

-Veneer on plywood

Size: w 30.5 x d 15 x h 8
Selected Color:
Plywood - Black
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