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Engel Dining Chair walnut

Item# CH7259
Often, dining room chairs are monstrous affairs with backs that rise majestically to the sky for no apparent reason. As we all know, if the food is good and the conversation lively, our backs never even touch the back of the chair. This chair is an automatic sign that you know your stuff in the kitchen. And everyone who dines with you will know this because of the no-nonsense chair back that is only designed to keep you from falling backwards as you laugh hysterically at the delightful repartee or to allow a rare second helping to pass you by as it moves from one guest to another.The best reproduction in the market!! This chair is hand carved and hand puffed to assure superb quality. Thoroughly inspected for quality control we are using the higest quality solid woods and american/australian grain leathers available. We stand behind the quality of this chair 100%.Satisfaction quaranteed.

Engel Dining Chair - Dining Furniture

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Item# CH7259

Solid hardwood of your choice, harvested and hand carved in perfection; available in Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut full grain, Natural Maple-full grain; Ash light brown-dark brown, black varnished, White natural oak, Natural Beech Full grain, semi-aniline, bovine leather seat, comes from American or Australian Hides. The curved backboard supports the bodies natural curves complementing the armrest to provides a relaxed posture. This product comes assembled

Size: W 21.7 x d 19.5 x h 29.1
Selected Color:
Wood Ash Medium Brown
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