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Item# S1502C
With mild channeling and light tufting the Emilie sectional features a re-envisioned design with modularity that is perfect for reshaping. It has a robust fluidity that it is highly customizable serving as an elegant foundation for any contemporary living space!

Item# S1502C

3 seater with 1 arm: 70" x 42" x 26" Armless one seater: 42" x 42" x 26" Chaise: 63" x 42" x 26" Structure:Polished solid pine wood and by-products, Zig zag spring Seating: Multi-density polyurethane foam with an extra layer of feather down Backrest Cushion: feather down, foam Pillows: feather down Pre-cover: Polyester Final Cover: Linen Cotton Fabric

Size: 3 seater with 1 arm: 70" x 42" x 26&
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