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Item# WL-CT1927R
Marble, a material of timeless appeal.

The classic and unbound elegance of marble speaks for itself in this straightforward design as the Gianni coffee table carves its entire surface from this natural material. Few times do we find objects that can withstand the changing trends and wears of time as marble does. In this coffee table, for example, we can see the uncomplicated approach to polished marble, as it covers the entire top and sides of the design. Its glossy surface enchants us with its natural patterns which are available in various shades from light to dark, depending on your interior’s shades. Finally, to display the craftsmanship behind the transformation of stone to table, we can observe the faint inwards carving at the base, which creates a more compact and thoughtful design.

Item# WL-CT1927R


Size: W55 D33 H15
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