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Engel Bar Stool - Cord

Item# BS9193A
For a more traditional look in your home, this stool offers a tightly woven cord seat to offset its lanky, lush design. The finely turned wood frame is the perfect complement to the woven seat, creating a light look that is super strong, never shaky. The bi-level foot rails interconnect with the legs, not only giving you a place to rest your weary feet, but for added strength. Superior craftsmanship is evident from top to bottom, from the super smooth sanded wood to the woven cord. This stool will fit nearly any decor you have in your home, providing you with a classic yet contemporary seating option, whether at a pub style table, a breakfast bar or a taller bistro table in the kitchen or dining area.

Item# BS9193A

Solid wood and woven cord seat

Size: W21.7 x D19.9 x H38.6 SH28.0
Selected Color:
Wood Ash Medium Brown
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