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Fabrizio Sofa

Item# BM-024
As a Mid-century modern inspiration, the Fabrizio sofa reflects the contemporary pursuit for comfort, efficiency, and charm. This geometrical design has become a classic element in modern homes due to its clean shape which enhances the symmetry of your interiors.

The sense of proportionality corresponds with the use of square and rectangular chapes linked together flawlessly: a straight back aligned with square arm rests on both sides, and ending with the waterfall cushions.

However, despite this sofa’s geometric focus, there is also a visible softness contained within the extensive space it provides. In addition, you can customize this sofa to fit your decor style by selecting from an ample variety of colors. In this sofa, there is plenty of room for a small company to lay back and enjoy the luxury provided by modern design.

Item# BM-024


Size: L125 X W38 x H30
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